Hey artists today we are going to learn different ways to draw anime eyes.


First we will start with the Kawaii eyes. They are super fun to draw. There are only 3 steps.


  1. Draw an oval
  2. Draw 2 small circles in the eye one in each corner diagonal from each other.
  3. Color in the big circle NOT the smaller circles.

This is what it should look like.

Next let’s draw the anime eyes for girls they use these in other anime shows: EX: they use this on in the physic princess.


  1. Draw a u shape with a line going overe it like a cap.
  2. Draw 2 smaller circles in the eye one in the upper righ and lower right 
  3. Color in the eye 
  4. Next take an earaser and lightly draw lines from the upper righ circle      


Now lets draw the anime eyes for boys 


  1. Draw a small diagonal line
  2. From the top of the diagonal line draw a straight line 
  3. Then from the bottom of the diagonal line that goes to the middle 
  4. Draw a circle in the eyes shape 
  5. Then add the 2 small circles 
  6. Color in the eye 


You finished 3 types of anime eyes good job. Thank you for reading this blog 

My First Post!

Hello, today we are going to learn how to draw doodles. Doodles are something I do when I’m bored and have nothing to do. 

There are different types of doodles. My favorite is when you make a shape and doodle in it. With shapes or pictures either way it looks awesome. The easy one is when you put triangles together. So cool. When you’re bored that’s a feeling and most doodles show feelings to me. The colors and shapes help with that a lot. 

The doodles we are going to learn today are ones that express calmness. The colors of calmness are blue,green,teal and white. The shapes are flowy curvy shapes that twist and turn.

You can also make animals that have a happy feeling. Maybe like a penguin , sea turtle or even otters any animal that has a happy joyful. When you’re feeling mad I would say that animals that express the mad feeling are wolf, tiger, Jaguar. All types of creative ideas represent you and how your feeling or other people that you know.